Parabellym API

Technical documentation

The Faerion Team


Parabellym is an environment for building extensible modular applications.

Table of Contents

1. Overview
1.1. Modules
1.2. Messages
1.3. Error handling
T. Type and structure reference
T.1. para_iov_t
T.2. para_msgi_t
F. Function reference
F.1. para_core_init
F.2. para_core_shutdown
F.3. para_errstr
F.4. para_mod_body
F.5. para_mod_load
F.6. para_mod_signal
F.7. para_msg_attach
F.8. para_msg_find
F.9. para_msg_receive
F.10. para_msg_reply
F.11. para_msg_send
F.12. para_msg_subscribe
F.13. para_msg_unsubscribe