This version is currently in developement.

What's new

Below is the list of changes since the previous version in the descending order (that is, most recent changes go first).

Installation notes

This release contains a large amount of changes and requires configuration changes. Carefully follow the following steps to get a working config.

  1. Configuration lines of the form "option_name value" are no longer supported and must be renamed to corresponding F-Lines. Option names are mostly unchanged, which makes it easier to convert the existing settings. Run the server with the -F command line switch to display the list of available options. [docs]
  2. Charset conversion maps are now loaded using F:CHARSET lines, file names must be specified relative to the server's working directory. There is no charset path setting anymore, be careful. Typically, you would copy all F:CHARSET lines from the default configuration file. [docs]
  3. There aren't any N-Lines anymore, all linking information is defined using C-Lines. This means that there is only one password for a server link now, unlike the older versions which had two different passwords – incoming and outgoing. Make sure the passwords are equal on both sides of the link. Also, check the new "flags" field. [docs]
  4. Z and I lines no longer exist, both functionalities have been moved into K-Lines. [docs]
  5. M-Lines no longer exist. Add an extra P-Line for incoming server connections. [docs]
  6. Add F-Lines for SERVERNAME, SERVERINFO and BINDADDR based on your old M-Line. [docs]
  7. Replace your A-Line with ADMIN_LOC1, ADMIN_LOC2 and ADMIN_MAIL F-Lines.